Thursday, June 4, 2009

Samford Grads

I already posted the pic of the Samford students together at La Finca, but today I got word that the Samford Belltower wrote a short article about us in their weekly only newspaper. I thought I would share the link in case you were interested.

(I can't seem to figure out how to make it a hyperlink-- I guess the ol' copy and paste method will have to do)

I will write more tomorrow. I have continued to be sick. I think it is just the flu but I have a lingering fever that has kept me in bed for days now. 

Please pray that God would heal me so that we can head back out to the next village to teach, share the gospel, and spur on the other teams to love and good deeds. 

I am so grateful for the HUGE army of prayer warriors I have. God is so good to give me so many people who love and encourage me.

Off to bed. Praying the fever is gone in the AM.


  1. Celeste! I just read every single post in your blog and was so encouraged by all of your sweet words! How is the fever? Praying that you would be totally restored to good health so that you will be able to be fully present in all you do. Love reading, thank you for being a sweet you!


  2. haha...sorry, our google account is in andrew's name, but that last comment was from me :)

    -Jessie (again)

  3. my internet has been has been down. so good to see pictures of you- read the article very cool. praying that you feel better