Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick trip through photos... more to come

We are about to head to Matucana to do training and teaching. Thought I would give a quick glimpse of life here through a few photos.

Ellen (Journeygirl) and I before a soccer volleyball match
Family Group #9-- So soccer volleyball wasn't exactly our thing but we still had fun.

Me, Brit and Ryan (both Journeyman) at the camp

Our room. Kristen taking a nap.

Samford students. The guys are on an ESL team in Cusco.
A view of La Fina

Our team. Me, Martin, and Kristen.


  1. I miss you! How am I ever going to live states away from you? Praying that he would use you to bring him glory today.

  2. celeste!!
    i love you i love you i love you!!!!
    im am soo excited to see you making friends and sharing the good news and traveling the world! you were born for this!

    a verse that just blew my mind the other day is
    1 corinthians 1:26-31. i hope you will read it and I hope it will humble you just as it has humbled me these last few days.

    i pray that your love will be his love and your heart will be His heart.

    your lil sis and roomie <3