Monday, June 8, 2009

A flash back from the states...

Very soon-- and even today-- I am actually going to write some about this past week, but I received an email from the states containing some amazing pictures that I just thought I needed to share. The pictures and the memories they contain sure make me smile. Royce and Sandra took Mandi and I over to the lake house to let us fish and then Royce took us the following morning turkey hunting. It was an adventure as I am sure you can imagine. We were successful at catching fish but no turkey was shot, but it was worth getting up at 3:30 am just for the experience. Royce- thanks again for taking us and teaching us how to shoot all those guns. We sure had fun.

This one is my favorite! Miss you Mandi!!

Gangsters? Doubtful.

Sweet and innocent... except for that gun.

We were pretty excited to get our hunting gear on!

The one and only bass I caught.

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  1. These pics are too cute. Am going to print out one and frame it--my great while hunter girl!