Monday, May 18, 2009

Overwhelmed by Grace

As one season ends and another begins it's always a great opportunity to stop and reflect, to see where God brought has brought me, to rejoice in the triumphs and accomplishments, and if you are like me to shed a few tears.  I love adventure but boy, do I dislike change. As I was looking back and at some journal entries from when I was ending college and starting my time on staff at Brook Hills I wrote the following and I feel like it encapsulates where I am today-- in awe of God's Grace

Overwhelmed by your grace and desperate for your presence. Grace- It's Your grace that sustains me, provides for me & covers over where I lack. It's grace I am unworthy of, undeserving of but abundantly grateful for. I'm reminded that it's Your grace that enlists, empowers & equips your children & it's Your grace that humbles me now. Humbled that You would use me, that you fashioned me together with such care, love me, call me beautiful and wonderfully made, & then you cover over all my greatest faults by the blood of Christ so that all you see is the righteousness and holiness of Your son. When faced with grace and love so great I realize I add nothing to the equation but humbly submit all that I am, possess & hope for to making Your name and glory known to the ends of the earth-- even in submitting to this I know it will require Your grace to carry me through. Thank you is too small a phrase to encompass gratitude to the Faithful One but may my lack of words be a mark of reverence. I owe a lot of people Thank You's for the countless prayers sent up on my behalf. You've provided me with the most amazing people who have surrounded me, encouraged me, shown me how to trust you more and more, and not been afraid to push me when I have lacked faith and belief. You have made clear in Your word Your plan to redeem man from His sin, to restore him to relationship with you  & I praise you that you get great glory in it.  
November 2007 

6 days till I leave for Peru. God has shown Himself mighty and faithful every step of this journey. I am incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the way He has provided.  

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