Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Little Things

Planning to live out of a backpack for 9 weeks means you have to get creative. I have spent my fair share of time over the last few weeks in sporting goods stores looking for wool socks, a shammy quick dry towel, soap, and a few clothes items to layer. Every time I go in I get the feeling that everyone is looking at me thinking "this girl is never going to make it and she has no idea what she needs." While it's true I have no idea what I need and have never "roughed it" for this length of time I am confident that it will be good. I am totally going to embrace and enjoy 9 weeks of no make up and hair dryer, but I think the not too frequent shower thing may be tough... but I am trusting God for His grace even in the little things. So, even if I don't get to wash my hair and my clothes very often I am still going prepared. Yesterday I found these "soap leaves." They are totally awesome. You can wash your body, hair, clothes, and dishes with it. It's like listerine strips but instead of giving you fresh breathe it suds up and makes you clean all over-- literally from head to toe and the kitchen sink too. As I explained my new find last night to someone, they were concerned that I would use the same soapy water that I can cleaned my dishes and clothes with on my hair-- have no fear, a new strip for each will be used. I will have to update at a later date on how effective and efficient the multipurpose soap is.

10 days from today until I leave. God continues to grow my excitement and anticipation. I am praying that God will direct and guide my last few days here in the states—that I would be obedient to his will and “to do” list and not a slave to my own.

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  1. this is really funny. i am not ALL that into hygiene (more appearances..) but this is just funny.