Thursday, January 8, 2009

Set back or Providence?

I never thought when I started this blog that my first post would be this one. I had no idea when I felt God's calling to go to Peru for an extended time that exactly 15 days before I was to board the plane I would step to the side, turn my leg just right, and dislocate my patella (knee cap). Moments after it happened I was reminded by Emily (my best friend from Las Vegas) that I was supposed to go to Peru in 2 weeks. During those initial moments I focused on what I had to do--get home, get ice, ibuprofen, and get my leg elevated. It wasn't until the next morning that it really hit me what had happened, and in a flood of emotions I realized what this really meant. I had a long road ahead of me to recovery, lots of rest, PT, icing, more PT rest and icing, and I think I knew then that South America would have to wait. So, I did what I don't often do... I cried. I think it was the let down of the anticipated trip to work with Kristen and the IMB missionaries but also the frustration of rehabbing. If you have ever rehabbed something like a knee injury you know-- it's exhausting, time consuming, often painful, and never quick. That first morning was pretty rough but by that afternoon I had had a nap, gotten reacquainted with my buddy the Polar Pack (machine that pumps ice water over my knee), and had a few minutes of prayer and been reminded by my sweet mother what I know is true but was having a hard time remembering... God is sovereign, He is surprised by nothing, and He holds my days in His hands.
So this journey to Peru is going to look different than I had first anticipated; it will have to be postponed until later in the spring but I still trust and believe that God not only knows what lies ahead but is intricately involved. So for now I'll have to post about things like swelling, PT, using crutches and all the baby steps that are involved in recovery but I look forward with anticipation to the day when with strong legs and a happy heart I will arrive in Peru.
(The photo is me on my way to PT with my sweet leg brace, the one crutch in the background I still have to use, and the amazing Boho hat my mom knit me!!! I LOVE IT!!!)

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  1. Hello Honey. I am so sorry about your knee. it is funny how our plan and God's plan can be so different sometimes. Even when we are so sure we are doing his will. I have learned that those are the times we have to keep our mouths shut and our ears open. He will show us His way. I want you to know I am so proud of you. I love you!!! D