Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Life Well Lived

Coach Sallee was my PE coach my freshman year of high school.  While I don't recall too much about that class except for me trying to think up every reason why I shouldn't have to participate that day I do remember lots about the man we affectionately called Coach.
He was a man loved and respected-- not because he demanded it but because he earned it by first loving and respecting us and often times teaching us how to love one another.  He ALWAYS had a smile on his face and was NEVER too busy to ask how you were doing in the hall.  I'm sure we took advantage of his compassion and kindness but I don't think we ever out smarted him I think he just knew which battles were worth fighting and going to the bathroom a few too many times never seemed to be a battle he would fight.  I know he will be missed by many especially his wife and 2 kids. Cancer didn't win and Coach Sallee understood that. Christ already won and death has already been conquered for those who are children of the Most High. 


Here is the link to the news article and video

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